After Backing Green Building Codes, Local Governments Lose Right To Vote

"The nonprofit consortium that oversees much of the nation’s building codes just gave the construction and gas industries more control over the process."

"The private consortium that oversees the model building codes for much of the United States and parts of the Caribbean and Latin America on Thursday stripped local governments of their right to vote on future energy-efficiency codes.

The decision came more than a year after the construction and gas industry groups that wield heavy influence at the International Code Council objected to aggressive new energy codes for which government officials voted.

The change, though technical and wonky, marks what environmental advocates say is one of the most consequential roadblocks to decarbonizing the U.S. economy. It also illustrates the limits of both the new Biden administration’s powers and the causes for which activists can mobilize public support. Local governments, members of Congress, environmentalists and architects overwhelmingly opposed the proposal."

Alexander C. Kaufman reports for HuffPost March 4, 2021.


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Source: HuffPost, 03/05/2021