Alberta To Double Carbon Tax By 2017, Strengthen Emissions Reductions

"EDMONTON -- Alberta will be doubling its carbon levy over the next two years – the first change in the tax’s eight-year history – as the province works on broader measures to burnish its image as a responsible oil producer.

The tougher regulations and a royalty review announcement expected Friday come at a tough time for Alberta’s energy industry as a plunge in oil prices has led to thousands of layoffs and shelved expansion plans across the oil patch.

Premier Rachel Notley says the higher levy and a new carbon policy will help the province when world leaders gather in Paris in November for a climate conference expected to hammer out a new deal to lower global greenhouse-gas emissions."

Justin Giovannetti reports for the Toronto Globe and Mail June 26, 2015.


"Alberta's New Climate Plan Seen as a Meaningful First Step" (InsideClimate News)

Source: Toronto Globe & Mail, 06/26/2015