America's 10 Most Endangered Rivers 2023: Which Waterways Are Most At-Risk

"Climate change and development projects have put many of America's rivers at risk, but some face greater danger than others, according to a new ranking.

American Rivers, an advocacy group based in Washington D.C. that works with communities to reduce river pollution and create policies that promote clean water and reduce flood risks, compiles a yearly list of the country's most endangered rivers.

This year, the group's report placed special attention on how threats to the rivers disproportionately affect communities of color and Tribal nations.

The organization named the Colorado River the most at-risk in the U.S. The federal government in 2021 declared its first water shortage on the essential Western waterway, which has been the subject of interstate litigation and hundreds of millions in spending."

Saleen Martn reports for USA TODAY April 19, 2023.


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Source: USA TODAY, 04/20/2023