"Australia, Scarred By Bushfires, On High Alert For Dangerous Summer"

"SYDNEY - Four years since bushfires destroyed wide swathes of southeastern Australia, killing 33, the country is once again on high alert, bracing for what weather experts say will be the hottest, driest period since the so-called Black Summer.

Just into the Australian spring, which starts in September, heat records are being broken in the densely populated area around Sydney, with some regional schools closed due to bushfire risk a month before the official bushfire season begins.

Adding to the tension, unusually heavy rain since the fires of 2019 and 2020 has spurred vegetation growth, producing more foliage to burn in an El Nino weather system, typified by hot, dry weather, which was declared on Tuesday."

Byron Kaye and Cordelia Hsu report for Reuters September 19, 2023.

Source: Reuters, 09/20/2023