"Aviation Faces Hurdles To Hit Goals For Cutting Emissions"

"FARNBOROUGH, England — Airplanes are a minor contributor to global greenhouse-gas emissions, but their share is sure to grow as more people travel in coming years — and that has the aviation industry facing the prospect of tighter environmental regulations and higher costs.

The industry has embraced a goal of reaching net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050. Experts who track the issue are skeptical.

Until the COVID-19 pandemic caused travel to slump, airlines were on a steady course of burning more fuel, year after year. Today’s aircraft engines are the most efficient ever, but improvements in reducing fuel burn are agonizingly slow — about 1% a year on average."

David Koenig and Kelvin Chan report for the Associated Press July 19, 2022.


"Climate Bill Dissolution Threatens Green Aviation Fuel Liftoff" (Reuters)

Source: AP, 07/21/2022