"Bans and Rules Muddy Prospects for Gas Drilling"

"In three decades of drilling, John C. Holko said, his oil and gas business has never faced such a hostile environment."

"Years after he negotiated leases for gas drilling in upstate New York, strict rules on hydraulic fracturing that state environmental officials proposed threaten to put 20 percent of that land off limits, he estimated. And local drilling bans adopted by town boards could put him out of business altogether, he said.

'Why should I put money in the ground if any one of the towns can say no at the next town meeting?' said Mr. Holko, the president of Lenape Resources in western New York. 'The issue of home rule is the demise of the industry.'"

Mireya Navarro reports for the New York Times January 3, 2013.


"Gas Drilling Is Called Safe in New York" (New York Times)

Source: NY Times, 01/04/2013