Battle Over Washington State’s Proposed Carbon Tax Gets Even Weirder

"A carbon tax proposal in Washington state, scheduled for the ballot on Tuesday, has been drawing national attention for weeks as a result of the unexpected controversy it’s inspired among environmental groups, many of whom have outright opposed the initiative. And in the final days leading up to the vote, new voices have continued to join the fray, including influential players on all sides of the climate change conversation.

New reports from the state’s Public Disclosure Commission reveal that several prominent national fossil fuel interests have recently donated to the “No on 732“ campaign, an effort organized by the Association of Washington Business in opposition to what is known as Initiative 732. Just last Thursday, Koch Industries contributed $50,000 to the campaign. And American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers contributed $250,000 at the end of October, making the organization the second largest donor behind Kaiser Aluminum.  

Also last week, economic justice organization Rebuild the Dream, founded by former White House adviser and current CNN commentator Van Jones, released two Facebook ads — reportedly at a cost of $10,000 — urging Washington citizens to vote against the initiative. This is in addition to the many social and environmental justice organizations in the state, including OneAmerica, Green for All, Front and Centered and the Washington chapter of Sierra Club, that have already spoken out against I-732, citing concerns that the proposal fails to directly reinvest in disadvantaged communities and clean energy infrastructure."

Chelsea Harvey reports for the Washington Post November 7, 2016.

Source: Wash Post, 11/08/2016