"Biden’s 2020 Rivals Attack Him From the Left on Climate Change"

"Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s 2020 rivals and a group of progressive environmental organizations are attacking him as being weak on climate change, a sign of the central role global warming is shaping up to play as an issue in the Democratic primary.

The criticisms are based on a yet-to-be-released plan outlined in a Reuters report in which one person advising Mr. Biden characterized the Democratic front-runner as seeking a “middle ground” on policies to reduce planet-warming emissions.

Additional details in the report described Mr. Biden’s forthcoming policy as likely to include reinstating Obama-era regulations on automobiles and coal-fired power plants, while leaving a role for nuclear energy and natural gas in the United States energy mix. The emerging policy has sparked criticism among Mr. Biden’s political rivals, and left supporters worried that he is underestimating the passion on climate change, particularly among Millennials who have embraced the Green New Deal, an ambitious resolution calling for an end to fossil fuels."

Lisa Friedman reports for the New York Times May 11, 2019.


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Source: NY Times, 05/13/2019