Biden Vows To Double Climate Aid For Vulnerable Nations

"Proposed $11.4 billion in annual U.S. financing would help “support the countries and people that will be hit the hardest," the president said, but critics say it’s still not enough"

"President Biden announced plans Tuesday to double the funding the United States provides each year to help developing nations cope with the ravages of climate change and build greener economies.

Speaking at the United Nations, Biden framed the move as part of a broader return to multilateralism, saying the world must work together to combat daunting challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic, trade disputes and a rapidly warming planet.

Biden said he intends to work with Congress to boost the U.S. annual contribution to the problem to $11.4 billion, an amount he said is necessary “to support the countries and people that will be hit the hardest and that have the fewest resources to help them adapt.”

“This will make the United States a leader in public climate finance,” he said."

Brady Dennis reports for the Washington Post September 21, 2021.


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Source: Washington Post, 09/22/2021