"As Bison Becomes More Popular, Two Views Emerge on How to Treat Them"

"ATLANTA — Ted Turner’s office above the bison restaurant here that bears his name is stuffed with trophies, both earned and acquired. The America’s Cup he won in 1977 sits on a pedestal in the conference room. The Oscar for “Gone With the Wind,” which he picked up when he bought the MGM film library, is on the coffee table.

Mr. Turner just rounded the corner on 77. The billionaire they used to call the Mouth of the South is a much quieter version of himself these days, thinking less about the 24-hour news cycle he invented and more about his 1.9 million acres of ranch land and what he did to nudge bison — of which he owns more than anyone else on the planet — onto the American plate.

Mr. Turner, a deep lover of nature since childhood, bought his first few bison in the 1970s but didn’t touch a bite for a decade. “They were like my pets,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to eat my dog, either.”"

Kim Severson reports for the New York Times February 9, 2016.

Source: ENS, 02/10/2016