"Briny Water Flows Into Southwestern PA Streams"

Two retired outdoorsmen -- with help from water researchers -- are testing streamwater in western Pennsylvania. They are struggling to get EPA attention to chemicals they fear could be related to the fracking boom.

"East Bethlehem -- In the January cold, Ken Dufalla’s hands, chapped and raw, shake as he grips a five-foot metal pole with a small, stained plastic container attached and dunks it into the icy, orange-colored water rushing into Ten Mile Creek.

“Even the ice is turning color! You ever seen red ice, Chuck?” Dufalla screams to his buddy, retired high-school history teacher and Vietnam War vet, Chuck Hunnell.

The rusty water is a highly acidic coal mine discharge flowing from the abandoned Clyde Mine directly into Ten Mile Creek in East Bethlehem Township, Washington County."

Natasha Khan reports for PublicSource February 13, 2013.

Source: PublicSource, 02/21/2013