"Can the President Shrink – Or Even Eliminate – National Monuments?"

"President Trump's latest executive order opens the door to reducing or revoking two dozen national monuments, including Bears Ears in Utah. It's far from clear, however, that the president has the legal authority to do so."

"BOULDER, Colo. — If Western Republicans have had one focus in their anger over federal land management in recent years, it’s been national monument designations.

The ability to withdraw large tracts of land from development with the stroke of a pen, under the authority of the 1906 Antiquities Act, is one of the broadest executive powers that a president has. And it’s been a power many presidents have wielded expansively as they consider their legacy.

Now the permanence of that legacy is being called into question."

Amanda Paulson reports for the Christian Science Monitor April 26, 2017.


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Source: Christian Science Monitor, 04/27/2017