Canadian Journalists Take RCMP to Court Over Fairy Creek Access Bans

"Canadian Association of Journalists cites unreasonable restrictions on access to enforcement area"

"The Canadian Association of Journalists, along with a group of news organizations and press freedom groups, says it plans to take the RCMP to court over its decision to restrict media coverage at the Fairy Creek blockades.

Journalists from all over B.C. have been covering the demonstrations against the logging of old-growth trees near Port Renfrew.

The CAJ says it has documented reports from numerous journalists who have been refused entry through the broad use of exclusion zones to the area where enforcement is taking place.

"Over the past week, we've repeatedly seen the RCMP shift the goalposts on how it plans to allow journalists access in order to cover this important public interest story," said CAJ president Brent Jolly."

CBC News had the story May 26, 2021.


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Source: CBC News, 05/27/2021