"Canadian Medical Association Slams Feds' 'Shameful' Asbestos Stance"

"ST. JOHN'S — Canada's doctors are condemning the Harper government for its 'shameful' decision to block listing asbestos as a hazardous product.

Delegates to the Canadian Medical Association's general assembly voted nearly unanimously — 99 per cent — in support of a motion Wednesday opposing the federal government for contesting the international designation of chrysotile asbestos as a hazardous substance.

'This is an important health care issue and a product that causes significant illness — even death,' Dr. Jeff Turnbull, outgoing president of the CMA, told reporters. 'Canada should not be in the business of exporting such a dangerous product.'"

Sharon Kirkey reports for Postmedia News August 24, 2011.

Source: Postmedia, 08/25/2011