Canadian Watchdog Gets Complaints About Green Claims By Shell, RBC, Enbridge

"The list of companies whose marketing is being accused of deceiving Canadians about their environmental commitments continues to grow".

"Shell Canada told Canadians if they used the company’s app to buy fuel at its gas stations, they could “drive carbon neutral.”

Enbridge Gas told Canadians natural gas made from fossil fuels could be considered “clean energy” and “low carbon.”

Six oilsands companies told Canadians they were “making clear strides toward net zero.”

These claims showed up in advertisements and other public messaging found everywhere from Canada’s Super Bowl broadcast to public transit to cell phone screens and people’s mailboxes.

And according to complaints filed with the federal Competition Bureau, they were all examples of “greenwashing.”"

Carl Meyer and Fatima Syed report for The Narwhal February 9, 2024.

Source: The Narwhal, 02/14/2024