"China Delivers Diatribe Against U.S. Climate Policies"

"Beijing blames Trump’s ‘negative stance’ and ‘poor track record’ for undermining progress on an international climate accord".

"China delivered a diatribe against U.S. climate policies on Monday, saying that under President Trump, the United States “is widely viewed as a consensus-breaker and a troublemaker.”

Beijing’s Foreign Affairs Ministry blamed Trump’s “negative stance” and “retrogression on climate change” for undermining progress on an international climate accord. Trump, who plans to formally pull out of the Paris climate agreement the day after Election Day, had “seriously undermined the fairness, efficiency and effectiveness of global environmental governance,” the ministry said in a fact sheet.

The barrage from Beijing resembled the tit-for-tat criticism that China and the United States have traded on subjects such as human rights, trade and the expulsion of reporters and diplomats, but climate policies have been largely the exception. Not anymore."

Steven Mufson reports for the Washington Post October 19, 2020.


"China’s Environmental Abuses Fact Sheet" (U.S. State Department)

Source: Washington Post, 10/20/2020