"Clash Over Bears Ears Tests Years Of Progress On Native Spirituality"

"To Native Americans, Bears Ears National Monument is more than a national park, it is holy ground connecting them to their ancestors and the spiritual realm."

"Davis Filfred wishes President Trump would take a page from General “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf's playbook, in thinking about Bears Ears National Monument.

When Mr. Filfred served as Marine Corps combat engineer in Operation Desert Storm, General Schwarzkopf ordered troops not to target religious, archaeological, and other sensitive sites for bombing.

Filfred, a member of the Navajo Nation council representing districts in Utah, now says the Trump administration should take the same approach to Bears Ears, a 1.3 million acre swath of southern Utah that has become the latest battleground between the federal government and a burgeoning Native American movement of religion-infused environmental activism. At the heart of that battle is a conflict in worldview. To Native people, land is more than a place to build, dig, and live, it is saturated with religious meaning, and a connection to their ancestors and the spiritual realm."

Henry Gass reports for the Christian Science Monitor April 28, 2017.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 05/02/2017