"Climate Change Played A Role In Killing Tens Of Thousands Of People In 2023"

"And that’s an extremely conservative estimate."

"At nine years old, Carter Vigh loved soccer, his friends, and dancing to music.

“He was just the kid that everybody wanted to hang out with, and he was always willing to make the time for anybody and willing to stand up for anyone that was being bullied or sad,” said Carter’s mom, Amber Vigh. “He was tiny but mighty.”

Carter also had asthma. The hot temperatures and dense wildfire smoke that enveloped the Vighs’ British Columbia home, 100 Mile House, in the summer of 2023 exacerbated his asthma and killed him. ...

Carter was one of tens of thousands of people whose lives were cut short in extreme weather events in 2023. As climate change intensifies extreme weather, more deaths can be expected."

Samantha Harrington reports for Yale Climate Connections April 17, 2024.

Source: Yale Climate Connections, 04/18/2024