"Cloud Seeding Catching On Amid Rocky Mountain Drought"

"LYONS, Colo. — Garrett Cammans and his brothers sometimes don’t talk about their toughest moments on the job in the cloud seeding business, like the time when one of them got stuck in deep mountain snow and had to hike out alone in the dark.

“They’re going out into some pretty remote and rural areas,” Cammans said. “And there have been a few close encounters with wildlife we don’t like to discuss at the family dinner table.”

But snow — as much as possible — is at the heart of the Cammans family business, Utah-based North American Weather Consultants, which holds cloud seeding contracts throughout the U.S. West, centered in the Rocky Mountains.

Lately, business is up. Amid two decades of drought, cloud seeding — using airplanes or ground equipment to waft rain-and-snow-making particles into clouds — is on the rise in the Rockies."

Mead Gruver and Brittany Peterson report for the Associated Press April 19, 2023.

Source: AP, 04/20/2023