Colorado’s Wild Horses Face New Danger On The Range: Trump Budget Cuts

"The Trump administration has proposed a $10 million reduction to the government’s wild horse management program, a cut that advocates fear will place the horses in jeopardy of wholesale destruction."

"Advocates fear changes will lead to slaughter of the American icons"

"LITTLE BOOK CLIFFS — The stallion broke away from a band of horses and charged past a small knot of visitors at the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range, its coal-black tail streaming like a wind-borne challenge.

The show wasn’t for the two-legged intruders. He was moving on another male, a 'bachelor' lurking nearby hoping for a chance to cozy up to a mare in the stallion’s band, said Jim Dollerschell, wild horse range specialist for the Bureau of Land Management.

'The bachelor was making his move to see how far he could get,' Dollerschell said."

Tom McGhee reports for the Denver Post September 23, 2017.

Source: Denver Post, 09/25/2017