"Congress Panel Approves Bill To Fast-Track Keystone XL Pipeline"

"[A House subcommittee] took a first step on Wednesday to fast-track a controversial Alberta tar sands pipeline, ordering Barack Obama to reach a decision on the project by 1 November.

The bill, voted through ... the house energy and power subcommittee, would compel Obama to over-rule demands for a further review of the project from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and disregard local opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline from landowners along its 1,700-mile route.

Republicans in Congress are planning further action to push ahead on the pipeline next week, environmentalists said.

Senator James Inhofe, the Oklahoma Republican who is the main force among climate change sceptic in Congress, is working on a bill that would repeal a 2007 provision restricing the federal government's use of high-carbon fuels, such as those from the Alberta tar sands.

Between them, the actions are aimed at cutting off growing opposition to the pipeline – before it sinks the project."

Suzanne Goldenberg reports for the Guardian June 15, 2011.


"US Panel OKs Bill To Speed Up Keystone XL Decision" (Reuters)

Source: Guardian, 06/16/2011