"Conservationists Hail US Plan To Ban Shark Fin Trade"

"As US faces criticism at Cop15 biodiversity conference over failure to sign 30-year-old pact to protect nature, Biden poised to sign shark fin measure into law".

"As the UN meets in Montreal to discuss saving biodiversity without the US, whose representatives are joining only as observers, conservationists are hailing one American step in the right direction: a likely ban on the trade of shark fins.

Although shark finning – the practice of cutting off shark fins and dumping the rest of the body back into the ocean – is illegal in the US, much of the trade in fins happens in US territory. As many as 73 million sharks are finned around the world each year.

The new bill, which would ban the buying and selling shark fins in the US, is being included in the broader defense spending bill that was passed by the House of Representatives and Senate and is on its way to Joe Biden’s desk to be signed into law."

Chris Michael reports for the Guardian with agencies December 17, 2022.

Source: Guardian, 12/19/2022