"Coral Reefs Are in Crisis. Could a Controversial Idea Help?"

"To preserve habitat for fish and benefits for humans, some scientists suggest we need to explore the need for assisted migration."

"Coral reefs support vibrant marine ecosystems, stimulate tourism and fishing industries, and protect shorelines from tropical storms and erosion. But reefs around the globe have been hit hard by pollution, overfishing and climate change, which is causing increasingly frequent and severe coral bleaching. Scientists predict severe bleaching on 99% of the world’s reefs within this century unless we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Saving coral reefs requires major systemic changes — dramatic cuts in energy consumption, switching to renewable energy, managing overfishing and pollution, and restoring target reefs.

Restoration efforts have now become a priority for many scientists. This series looks at some of those efforts.

The computer screen shows a map of the Florida Keys, but instead of the traditional blue, the water appears as a blend of bright colors outlining this string of islands. The screen belongs to University of Texas professor Mikhail “Misha” Matz, who explains that the palette represents the latest research in support of saving coral reefs: seascape genomics."

Melissa Gaskill reports for The Revelator April 26, 2023.

Source: The Revelator, 04/28/2023