"Democrats Eye Climate In Big Infrastructure Push"

"President Biden and congressional Democrats are already bracing for the next big legislative fight — a major infrastructure package that may aim to bolster clean energy.

But a cacophony of competing demands is already threatening to divide Democrats who have largely united behind the coronavirus relief bill currently being debated in Congress.

As Erica Werner, Jeff Stein and I report, Biden met Wednesday with senior leadership of the AFL-CIO and other labor unions at the White House and discussed both the current relief package and the coming infrastructure push."

Dino Grandoni reports for the Washington Post February 18, 2021.


"Biden Team Readies Infrastructure Package As Followup To COVID-19 Relief" (AP)

"Mostly United Over Covid Relief, Democrats Face Divisions Over Biden’S Massive Second Economic Plan" (Washington Post)

Source: Washington Post, 03/01/2021