"The Duwamish River’s Deadly Catches"

"As he waits for crabs to take his bait, the Cambodian man explains his approach to eating seafood out of the Duwamish River. 'If it comes up black ... I throw it back,' he says. 'But if it looks normal, that means it just swam up from the Sound. It’s OK to eat.'"

"He then pulls out his phone and proudly shows off a photo of a huge, pink, seemingly clean Dungeness crab he hauled in the week before.

T-105 Park -- named after the industrial shipping terminal the Port of Seattle carved it out of -- is abuzz this Sunday afternoon with crabbers, almost all of them appearing to be members of a tight-knit Cambodian community. One by one eight or so crab pots baited with raw chicken and salmon heads are heaved into the still water from a fishing pier. On the horizon, jets brought in for the Seafair airshow make loop-de-loops over Lake Washington. Just across the river, a man in a tiny sailboat yanks on lines as his friends enjoy what looks like a very precarious ride around the waterway."

Daniel Person reports for the Seattle Weekly September 10, 2013.

Source: Seattle Weekly, 09/12/2013