"Egg Industry Resorts To Blaming the Victim in Recall, Critics Say"

"No more sunny side up. No more eggs Benedict. No more almost-set scrambled eggs. After of one of the largest egg recalls on record, critics say the egg industry is resorting to the worst tactic of all: blaming the victim.

More than 1,400 illnesses now appear to be tied to an outbreak of salmonella enteritidis definitively linked to eggs produced on two Iowa farms.

'Consumers that were sickened reportedly all ate eggs that were not properly or thoroughly cooked. Eggs need to be cooked so that the whites and yolks are firm (not runny), which should kill any bacteria,' says Mitch Head, spokesman for the United Egg Producers."

Elizabeth Weise reports for USA TODAY August 29, 2010.


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Source: USA TODAY, 08/30/2010