"Embattled World Bank Leader ‘Slow-Walking’ Climate Initiatives"

"World Bank chief David Malpass tried desperately Thursday to convince global leaders that he knows climate change is caused by burning oil, gas and coal. But, by then, the bank itself was under scrutiny for propping up fossil fuel production.

“I am not a denier,” Malpass said during an appearance on CNN International.

Later, in an email to staff, the World Bank president asserted that the comments he made earlier this week casting doubt on mainstream climate science were “incorrect and regrettable.”"

Corbin Hiar, Avery Ellfeldt, and Sara Schonhardt report for E&E News September 23, 2022.


"World Bank Leader, Accused of Climate Denial, Offers a New Response" (New York Times)

Source: E&E News, 09/23/2022