'Environmental Justice’ Soldiers on Minus King, Queen, or Major Dollars

"While mainstream environmental organizations lick their wounds over the failure of climate-change legislation and their startling lack of diversity, people of color and those living on low incomes continue to bear the brunt of climate-change impacts."

"We saw this most recently with Superstorm Sandy, which ripped through New York and the northeastern seaboard late last year. Sandy devastated many communities in low-lying areas such as the South Bronx and parts of New Jersey.

Among U.S. cities, New York City has the second-highest number of people living in flood-prone zones; it’s second only to New Orleans. Many of these flood-prone areas are in The South Bronx, which also hosts a number of industrial and hazardous waste sites.

Citywide, Sandy damaged a staggering 20 percent of all New York City Housing Authority properties. And 30 percent of homeowners and 65 percent of renters battered by this storm had household incomes of less than $30,000 a year. "

Brentin Mock reports for Colorlines April 23 2013.

Source: Colorlines, 04/25/2013