"EPA Announces Reversal of Decades-Old Air Toxics Policy"

"The EPA is reversing a 24-year-old air policy that would allow power plants, refineries and other industrial sources to avoid stringent controls for toxic air pollution, it announced June 25.

The White House Office of Management and Budget this week completed its review of an EPA proposed rule (RIN: 2060-AM75) to reverse the agency’s “once-in, always in” toxic air policy. That policy says power plants, refineries, and other industrial sources of toxic air pollution subject to strict “major” source air toxics controls must always meet those limits, even if they cut emissions below a Clean Air Act mandated threshold.

“‘Once in, always in’ policies discourage facilities from deploying the latest pollution control technologies or modernizing in ways that increase efficiency and reduce emissions,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a statement June 25. “Today’s proposal would remove a major regulatory burden and incentivize investments in technologies that improve air quality and public health.”"

Amena H. Saiyid reports for Bloomberg Environment June 25, 2019.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 06/26/2019