EPA Compromises on Industrial Boiler Toxic Pollution Rule

"The Obama administration scaled back toxic air rules on heavy industrial boilers, a sign it may be willing to compromise with businesses and Republicans on future air pollution rules.

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday issued final regulations on cutting air pollutants such as mercury and soot at boilers, which provide heat and power at factories, and incinerators.

The new standards will cost industries such as paper product makers, chemical plants and manufacturers $2.1 billion a year, down from $3.9 billion annually rules proposed last year would have cost, the EPA said.

While the rules are only a minor part of the EPA's agenda this year, they come at a time when the agency is racing to deliver on President Barack Obama's promise to show the world that the United States is taking action on climate change."

Timothy Gardner reports for Reuters February 23, 2011.


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Source: Reuters, 02/24/2011