"EPA Denies Petition For Expanded TSCA Asbestos Reporting"

"The US EPA has denied an NGO petition to require increased reporting of asbestos under the TSCA chemical data reporting (CDR) rule.

Filed under section 21 of TSCA in September, the petition had sought for the EPA to amend the CDR rule to eliminate certain exemptions and require additional reporting on asbestos. The petitioning NGOs argued that this was needed to provide more information on current usage in support of its ongoing TSCA risk evaluation.

But the EPA informed the petitioners on 21 December that it was denying the request. In a pre-publication Federal Register notice, the agency said it believes it "is aware of all ongoing uses of asbestos and already has the information that EPA would receive if EPA were to amend the CDR requirements.""

ChemicalWatch had the story January 2, 2019.


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Source: ChemicalWatch, 01/04/2019