EPA Fails To Supply Documents To House Science in Subpoena Showdown

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided "largely non-responsive" documents in response to a final threat by House Democrats, according to committee staff, likely setting the stage for a forthcoming subpoena.

The EPA had until Tuesday to provide the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee with internal materials related to one of its chemical programs and to make an agency representative available for an interview. While the agency provided the committee with documents by the committee's deadline, staffers on the panel say the materials were not adequate — keeping open the door to a lingering subpoena fight.

"After staff review we feel that the letter we received last night on our [Integrated Risk Information System] request was largely non-responsive," a committee aide told The Hill Wednesday.

The committee was looking for documents related to an EPA decision to limit the study of the health effects of formaldehyde and nine other chemicals. Formaldehyde is linked with leukemia and other health problems."

Miranda Green and Rebecca Beitsch report for The Hill November 7, 2019.

Source: The Hill, 11/08/2019