"EPA Letting Some Hazardous Coal Ash Ponds Stay Open Longer"

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Trump administration will let some leaking or otherwise dangerous coal ash storage ponds stay in operation for years more and some unlined ponds stay open indefinitely under a rule change announced Friday.

The move by the Environmental Protection Agency is the administration’s latest rollback of environmental and public health regulations governing operators of coal-fired power plants, which are taking hits financially as cheaper natural gas, solar and wind power make dirtier-burning coal plants less competitive.

Friday’s move weakens an Obama-era rule in which the EPA regulated the storage and disposal of toxic coal ash for the first time, including closing coal-ash dumping ponds that were unstable or contaminating groundwater."

Travis Loller reports for the Associated Press October 16, 2020.


"EPA May Violate Courts With New Rule Extending Life Of Unlined Coal Ash Ponds" (The Hill)

Source: AP, 10/19/2020