EPA Proposes Adding W Virginia Town To Superfund Cleanup Priority List

"For decades, since a local company dumped untold amounts of industrial chemicals nearby, residents of Minden, W.Va., have been searching for answers.

Year after year, they say, this once-thriving coal town an hour south of the state capital has experienced an alarming number of cancers and other health issues. The roughly 250 people who remain have long suspected that the polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, discovered throughout the area have played a role in sickening residents.

While state and federal investigators have said that repeated tests have yet to establish those links — and might never give definitive answers — those pushing for action in Minden won a notable victory Tuesday when the Environmental Protection Agency proposed adding the location to its "National Priorities List" for cleanup. The site is among six that the EPA is proposing to add to its Superfund list, which consists of the country's most toxic sites."

Brady Dennis reports for the Washington Post September 11, 2018.


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Source: Washington Post, 09/12/2018