"EPA Rejects Ban On Poison Bombs Against Cattle Predators"

"WASHINGTON — Trappers can keep using sodium cyanide bombs to kill coyotes and other livestock predators, the Trump administration said Thursday, rejecting calls for a ban despite repeated instances of the devices also poisoning other wildlife, pets and people.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s interim decision newly restricts use of the so-called M-44s within 600 feet of a home and 300 feet of a public road or path. Users also would have to post two warning signs within 15 feet of the poison bombs.

The agency’s assistant administrator, Alexandra Dunn, said in a statement that the EPA had worked with the Agriculture Department “to ensure there are safe and effective tools for farmers and ranchers to protect livestock.”"

Ellen Knickmeyer reports for the Associated Press December 5, 2019.


"EPA Once Again Allows 'Cyanide Bombs'" (Greenwire)

Source: AP, 12/06/2019