Every Hour, This Gas Storage Station Emits Half a Ton of Methane

"The Petal plant emits the greenhouse gas equivalent of 87,000 automobiles—more than any other gas storage facility in the United States."

"PETAL, Miss.—The Petal Gas Storage Station lies halfway between the winding banks of the Leaf River and the International Checker Hall of Fame. It’s a warren of pipes, wellheads and metal buildings where noisy compressors pump gas underground and then suck it back up to the surface again.

In the process, the Petal plant releases half a ton of a potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere every hour—more than any other gas storage facility in the country.

Petal is one of hundreds of underground natural gas storage facilities across the United States, where operators pump gas into underground salt formations, aquifers or depleted oil and gas reservoirs, storing the gas until it is needed.

Underneath the Petal plant lies a vast dome of salt nearly two miles in diameter that formed millions of years ago, during the Mesozoic Era, when other layers of rock pushed down on the surrounding salt formation until it was squeezed upwards into a bulging dome."

Phil McKenna reports for Inside Climate News and Alex Rozier for Mississippi Today
June 19, 2022.

Source: Inside Climate News, 06/23/2022