"Experts Issue a Warning as Food Prices Shoot Up"

"With the worst drought in half a century withering corn across the Midwest, agricultural experts on Tuesday urged international action to prevent the global spike in food prices from causing global hunger."

 "The directors of three major United Nations food and agriculture programs sounded the alarm both on the immediate problem of high food prices and the “long-term issue of how we produce, trade and consume food in an age of increasing population, demand and climate change.”

Agricultural production has fallen in a number of major crop exporters this summer. Sweltering heat and a severe drought have damaged the corn crop in the United States. Droughts have also hit Russia and Ukraine, hurting the wheat harvest, as well as Brazil, affecting soybean production."

Annie Lowrey reports for the New York Times September 4, 2012.


"Action Needed To Prevent Food Price Catastrophe: U.N." (Reuters)

"Impact of Climate Change on Food Prices Is Underestimated, Oxfam Warns" (Guardian)

Source: NY Times, 09/05/2012