"Exxon’s Secret Assist From the World’s Top PR Firm"

"A new report says that Edelman, the world’s largest independent PR company, has been working on an Exxon ad campaign to oppose climate regulations."

"It seems that Exxon is freaked out by the Biden administration’s promises to crack down on carbon pollution. All year, it has been running ads on Facebook encouraging people to oppose climate policy. And, according to a new report, Exxon has worked with one of the world’s biggest PR firms in secret on the project.

Exxon buys more Facebook ads than any other fossil fuel company. A report out this week found that in 2021, Exxon has consistently been a top spender on climate issues across the social platform. The company’s ads aren’t merely focused on boosting its profile, though. As the Biden administration has taken steps curb oil and gas extraction from public lands, reject the Keystone XL pipeline, and otherwise enact climate policy, the oil major has run ads to encourage viewers to stand against these measures.

“It uses these ads to mobilize people for Exxon’s policy goals,” Duncan Meisel, co-founder of the Clean Creatives campaign to pressure PR firms to stop working with oil companies and co-author of the report, said."

Dharna Noor reports for Earther September 22, 2021.


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Source: Earther, 09/28/2021