"Exxon Suspended From Carbon Tax Group In Wake Of Leaked Video Scandal"

"The Climate Leadership Council and its advocacy arm, Americans for Carbon Dividends, has suspended Exxon's membership in the group.

The move comes in the the wake of a leaked video in which senior Exxon lobbyist Keith McCoy says the oil giant has only come out in favor of a carbon tax for public relations reasons.

“We continue to believe that we will establish lasting climate solutions by bringing together a broad and diverse group of stakeholders who can work together to address this enormous challenge," said CLC CEO Greg Bertelsen, in a statement. "This will continue to be our guiding principle.”

This move is a clear sign of the harm that Exxon has suffered to its reputation as a result of the comments recorded by GreenpeaceUK under false pretenses, which aired on Channel 4 in Britain and were distributed online around the world."

Ben Geman and Andrew Freedman report for Axios August 6, 2021.

Source: Axios, 08/09/2021