"The ExxonMobil Near-Disaster You Probably Haven't Heard Of"

"A 2015 explosion at the company's refinery near Los Angeles came frighteningly close to releasing a lethal gas into a neighborhood; a ban may result".

"It’s been nearly two years since Nadia Levine fielded the frantic calls — the first one from her husband, the next from a co-worker.

Panicked, Levine dialed both her children’s schools as she scrolled down the front page of CNN.com on Feb. 18, 2015. A fire raged blocks away from the Torrance, California, home her family had moved into only a month before. On a business trip nearly 3,000 miles away in Connecticut, Levine scrambled to find numbers for neighbors who could check to see whether the house was still standing.

'All I knew at that point was that my kids and husband were alive,' she said. As the smoke cleared, it became clear her worries were far from over."

Jie Jenny Zou reports for the Center for Public Integrity and SCPR February 10, 2017.

Source: Ctr for Public Integrity, 02/10/2017