"Fall of the Wild: the Trapped Wolves of Isle Royale"

"Global warming is putting wildlife at risk, leading to hard questions about wilderness ethics."

"On January 21, Isabelle, a 5-year-old gray wolf, was spotted along the southwest reaches of Isle Royale National Park, which sits on an island in Lake Superior. During a survey flight over the island, John Vucetich, an ecologist with the Isle Royale Wolfe-Moose Study, confirmed the lone wolf’s identity thanks to a reading from her radio collar. “As we circled Isabelle, every few moments she stopped and turned to look back, as though concerned about being followed by other wolves,” wrote Vucetich on his research blog. During the previous year, two other wolves in her small pack had tried to kill her more than once."

Mary Catherine O'Connor reports for Aljazeera America June 4, 2014.

Source: Aljazeera America, 06/04/2014