"FERC Endorses Nation’s Largest Dam Removal Project"

"The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has advanced the nation’s largest dam-removal project, which could restore flowing water to more than 400 miles of the Klamath River near the California-Oregon line.

FERC’s release Friday of its final environmental impact statement reiterated its support for removing the Lower Klamath Project’s four hydroelectric dams.

The review echoes the draft EIS on the proposed dismantling of the J.C. Boyle, Copco No. 1., Copco No. 2 and Iron Gate dams as well as the drawdown of four reservoirs and the restoration of affected land (Greenwire, March 1).

Mark Bransom, CEO of the nonprofit Klamath River Renewal Corp. (KRRC), said that pending final approvals, dam removal could begin in 2023 and conclude as early as 2024. Restoration efforts — returning the river’s free flow from southern Oregon to Northern California and then the Pacific Ocean — will require several additional years."

Jennifer Yachnin reports for E&E News August 29, 2022.

Source: E&E News, 08/30/2022