Fossil Fuel Execs See ‘Golden Age’ for Gas, If They Can Brand It as ‘Clean’

"At an industry conference, top executives lamented they had “lost the narrative” on natural gas, and outlined an effort to sell their product as the “cleanest energy in the world.”"

"Natural gas has long been subject to a war of words. Once it was a “bridge fuel” that would straddle the gap from fossil energy to renewable sources. More recently, climate activists have sought to highlight that gas pollutes, too, by stripping “natural” from its name and calling it fossil- or methane gas.

The industry is pushing back, and gas executives displayed their latest linguistic counteroffensive at an industry conference this month in Houston.

“It’s time for us to stop tiptoeing about the value of natural gas,” said Octávio Simões, chief executive of Tellurian, which is struggling to finance its multi-billion dollar plan to export liquified natural gas, or LNG. “It’s time for us to say it is an incredible fuel, and we’re not afraid to burn it in our kitchens,” he added, drawing cheers from the otherwise subdued crowd."

Nicholas Kusnetz reports for Inside Climate News March 19, 2023.


Source: Inside Climate News, 03/21/2023