"Friends of the Earth Sues U.S. EPA Over Lead in Aviation Fuel"

"The nonprofit group Friends of the Earth filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency today to force the regulation of lead emissions from general aviation aircraft under the Clean Air Act."

"'EPA has repeatedly concluded that lead is extremely toxic to humans, wildlife and the environment and causes health effects even at low doses,' said Marcie Keever, legal director for Friends of the Earth.

'EPA's continuing failure to do what the law requires and address this pollution leaves us no choice but to take this critical public health issue to the courts. The health of airport workers, pilots, passengers, and surrounding communities from continued exposure to leaded aviation gasoline hangs in the balance.'

While lead was phased out of automobile gasoline more than 15 years ago, it remains as a constituent of aviation fuel in general aviation airplanes."

Environment News Service had the story March 7, 2012.

Source: ENS, 03/09/2012