Gas Piped Into Homes Contains Benzene, Other Risky Chemicals: Study

"While the concentrations are low, the chemicals are potentially dangerous and some are linked to cancer risk, the researchers found."

"The natural gas delivered to homes contains low concentrations of several chemicals linked to cancer, a new study found. Researchers also found inconsistent levels of odorants — substances that give natural gas its characteristic “rotten egg” smell — which could increase the risk of small leaks going undetected.

The study, which was published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, adds to a growing body of research that links the delivery and use of natural gas to detrimental consequences for public health and the climate.

Most prior research has documented the pollutants present where oil and gas extraction takes place, but there are “fewer studies as you work your way down the supply chain,” said Drew Michanowicz, the lead author of the study, looking at “where we actually use it, in our homes.”"

Elena Shao reports for the New York Times June 28, 2022.


Source: NYTimes, 06/28/2022