"Germany Closes 4,700 Farms in Dioxin Scare"

"BERLIN -- A food scandal in Germany deepened Friday, as regional authorities shut down more than 4,700 farms after tests showed animal feed had been contaminated by a chemical that can cause cancer.

And fears grew that the contamination could have entered the food chain earlier than thought, as tests on animal fats at the firm at the centre of the scandal reportedly showed they were tainted as far back as March last year.

"4,709 farms and businesses are currently closed," including 4,468 in the state of Lower Saxony, northwest Germany, the agriculture ministry said in a statement late Thursday.

The farms will be closed until they are found to be clear of contamination with dioxin, a toxic chemical compound that can cause cancer, and will not be allowed to make any deliveries, the ministry added."

AFP had the story January 7, 2011.


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Source: AFP, 01/07/2011