"In the Grand Canyon, Uranium Mining Threatens A Tribe's Survival"

"Supai Village, Arizona -- The Havasupai are attempting to fight back against the operation of a uranium mine that they say could contaminate their sole water source".

"Ed Tilousi knelt down next to the crystal-clear turquoise creek. The only sounds were the gurgling of the current and the sawing of cicadas in a pecan nut tree as the hot sun made the red rock canyon walls towering above him glow.

Downstream, the creek becomes a 100ft-high waterfall, tumbling into a brilliant blue pool then making more cascades before it empties into the Colorado river running through the Grand Canyon.

“The water talks to us, it has a voice you can hear all the time. We drink it, we depend on it. If it gets poisoned we are finished,” he said.

Tilousi is vice-chairman of the Havasupai Native Americans, a tiny community and the only one that lives within the depths of the Grand Canyon."

Joanna Walters reports for the Guardian July 17, 2017.

Source: Guardian, 07/17/2017