"Greens Go All Out for Perriello"

"President Barack Obama will make a visit to Charlottesville, Va. on Friday to rally for Tom Perriello, the vulnerable freshman Democrat who has championed a number of White House causes in the past two years ... . House races don't usually draw this much attention. Nor do they draw as much spending as Perriello's has—outside groups have already poured $4 million into the race.

Environmental groups have been among the biggest spenders for Perriello, whose unabashed support of the House climate and energy bill last year won him quite a bit of cred in green circles. The Sierra Club has spent $450,000 on the race, while the League of Conservation Voters has spent another $525,000 on TV and radio ads, phones calls, mailers and canvassing."

Kate Sheppard reports for Mother Jones October 27, 2010.


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Source: Mother Jones, 10/27/2010