Greens Vote Scorecard Slams ‘Relentless Attacks’ On Environment In 2015

"The League of Conservation Voters slammed the Republican-led Congress’s climate work on Wednesday, citing a “trend of relentless attacks on environmental protections” during the 2015 session of Congress.

In the group’s annual scorecard, based on 35 House votes and 26 Senate votes in 2015, the group gave House Republicans an average score of just 3 percent, and Senate Republicans a score of 5 percent.

Thirty-two senators — including presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz — received scores of zero, as did more than 100 House members.

Democrats fared much better than Republicans: House Democrats scored an average of 91 percent, and Senate Democrats, 92 percent. Twenty-two senators received perfect scores, including presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. "

Devin Henry reports for The Hill February 24, 2016.

Source: The Hill, 02/25/2016