Group Slams Gas Group’s Use Of Customers’ Money To Thwart Climate Efforts

"Gas Leaks Project launches campaign targeting the American Gas Association, which claims nearly all utilities in the US as members".

"A group of advocates and Democratic senators gathered in Washington DC on Tuesday to decry utilities’ practice of spending customers’ money to advance a pro-fossil fuel agenda.

“Americans are already paying the price of climate change,” said Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts at a gathering at the US Capitol. “They shouldn’t have to pay the salaries of those who are fueling it.”

The event marked the launch of a campaign by the non-profit Gas Leaks Project targeting the American Gas Association, the largest trade group for gas companies which represents some 200 utilities.

In an emailed statement, the CEO of the American Gas Association, Karen Harbert, said: “Any claim that we have not been a leader in advancing environmental goals is simply not accurate,” and said the advocates are “willfully spreading misinformation and promoting ill-informed energy policy”."

Dharna Noor reports for the Guardian April 10, 2024.

Source: Guardian, 04/12/2024